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Actionable Customer Experience, Brand and Communication Research for B2B and End-User Markets




K.C. Campbell & Associates is a full service qualitative market research company specializing in Customer Experience, Brand, and Marketing Communications studies for B2B and End-user target markets.

  • Founded in 2001 by Karen Campbell, formerly 20 years with Hewlett-Packard Company in market research and marketing communications management
  • Located in the San Francisco Bay Area at Redwood Shores, California, halfway between San Francisco and San Jose near the heart of Silicon Valley
  • Local and international (U.S./Canada/Europe/Asia/Australia) project experience, including studies on:
    - Customer needs assessment

    - Brand identity and loyalty

    - Advertising communication assessment

    - Buyer behavior

    - Product positioning and messaging

    - Sales tools effectiveness

    - Customer satisfaction

  • Fortune 500 in-house company knowledge with customer needs perspective



"What would you do differently if you knew?"

contact: karen@kccampbell.com