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Actionable Customer Experience, Brand and Communication Research for B2B and End-User Markets




Our approach is grounded in values shaped by two decades of former experience at one of Silicon Valley's most revered companies. It is honest and intelligent, respectful and collaborative, curious and innovative. We embrace research with skill and enthusiasm, empowering you with in-depth perspectives on customer touchpoints with your company, your products, your services.

What would you do differently if you knew? may be the most important question you face when beginning any research endeavor. Why? It lays the foundation for your directed efforts.

  • Not every business issue is a researchable issue.

Some are management decisions. If a management decision has already been finalized, instead of revisiting that decision, focus your research efforts on how best to enhance implementation of that decision.

  • It helps you establish priority.

Sometimes you have multiple researchable issues, but it may be neither feasible nor desirable to act upon all of them at once. Begin with the one that carries your highest potential for impact based on actual follow-through.

At K.C. Campbell & Associates we think the best research contains a high degree of interaction with our clients, and an insatiable curiosity about their customers.

We begin by meeting with you to better understand your current business situation and issue(s) to be researched, and we continue close collaboration with you through every phase of project implementation.

We discover what keeps your customers up at night, how they really see your company/product/service, whom they consider to be your competition and why (it might surprise you!) and how you stack up against that competition and why.

And because we have 20+ years marketing experience on the client side of the house, we know all about the horrors of useless market research reports rife with data but void of information. Our findings are genuine; our recommendations based on those findings are both realistic and actionable.




"What would you do differently if you knew?"

contact: karen@kccampbell.com